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[296]    "Hush"

[296] "Hush"

(White Mountain, NH - 2011) ...When only the clouds speak.

[297]   "Tri-Color"

[297] "Tri-Color"

(White Mountain, NH - 2011) Breathing deeply, inhaling colors & photosynthesizing under the sun.

[298]   "Ripple Slappage"

[298] "Ripple Slappage"

(New Hampshire - 2011) Watching the waves ripple & slide, seeing it pushed & pulled by winds. It breathes, it sighs, it lives. The giver of life IS life itself.

[299]   "Peeking Mountain"

[299] "Peeking Mountain"

(White Mountain, NH - 2011) A mountain top peeks through the pines, hoping to catch a glimpse of the beautiful foliage at it's feet.

[300]   'Lucky Stroll"

[300] 'Lucky Stroll"

(White Mountains, NH - 2011) As we walked down the single lane highway through the White Mountains with our thumbs in the air, we walked across this happy babbling brook.

[301]    "Hitchin' Towards Vermont"

[301] "Hitchin' Towards Vermont"

(White Mountains, NH - 2011) When I told one of the people that picked us up (hitchin' west towards Vermont) that I was taking photos of the changing fall colors he called us 'damn leaf peepers!' Hahahahaha!

[302]    "New Hampshire Brook"

[302] "New Hampshire Brook"

(White Mountains, NH - 2011) As we walked along, another gorgeous brook appeared under us as we hoofed it over the top of the small bridge.

[303]  "Setting Sun, Rising Shadow"

[303] "Setting Sun, Rising Shadow"

(White Mountains, NH - 2011) As the sun draws nearer to the western horizon, the shadows splayed out upon the ground slowly rose skyward until the tips of the trees glowed like matchheads & the notion to find a campsite becomes our most clear objective.

[304]   "Blazing Mountains"

[304] "Blazing Mountains"

(White Mountains, NH - 2011) A wildfire of changing leaves... a sea of flaming foliage...

[305]   "Destined"

[305] "Destined"

(White Mountains, NH - 2011)

[306]   "Strewn"

[306] "Strewn"

(White Mountains, NH - 2011) Boulders strewn about carelessly, by waters far greater than today's ...and the river still babbles about it constantly.

[307]   "Down River Coloration"

[307] "Down River Coloration"

(White Mountains, NH - 2011)

[308]   "Autumn's Edge"

[308] "Autumn's Edge"

(New Hampshire - 2011)

[309]   "Shaved Mountain Side"

[309] "Shaved Mountain Side"

(New Hampshire - 2011) Though interesting to look at, clear cutting is just as embarrassing to the mountain as it is to tiny dogs that are shaved to look like lions.

[311]   "Reed Whistler"

[311] "Reed Whistler"

(Green Mountain, VT - 2011)

[312]   "Mountain Foliage"

[312] "Mountain Foliage"

(White Mountains, NH - 2011) Some of this crisp air still resides in my lungs to this day...

[313]   "A Fog Rolls Over"

[313] "A Fog Rolls Over"

(Green Mountain, VT - 2011) As though the bright colors were too much excitement for our eyes, a gentle fog rolls over the tree topped mountain, subduing it & us as well.

[314]   "Deliver"

[314] "Deliver"

(Green Mountain, VT - 2011) The sleeping mountains have the most colorful dreams this time of year...

[315]   "Extra Dimension"

[315] "Extra Dimension"

(Green Mountain, VT - 2011) It was here in these woods that I first viewed more than 3 dimensions at once! The procession of my experience witnessed by 'them' (who are always with us & rarely seen.) We are ALL capable of this... 'actually trying', the 'fear of failing' & simply FEAR itself holds most of us back from a connection & understanding that once was common knowledge.

[316]   "Spotted Foliage"

[316] "Spotted Foliage"

(Green Mountain, VT - 2011) The forest floor was covered with these beauties!

[317]   "Spotted Foliage II"

[317] "Spotted Foliage II"

(Green Mountain, VT - 2011)

[318]    "Vermont Rocks"

[318] "Vermont Rocks"

(Green Mountain, VT - 2011)

[319]   "Cleansing Waters"

[319] "Cleansing Waters"

(Green Mountain, VT - 2011) Walking the highway allows plenty of time for river rock hopping & proper forest exploration.

[320]   "Starksboro Red"

[320] "Starksboro Red"

(Starksboro, VT - 2011) This is on a farm that we stayed at ...a friendly local who picked us up hitchin'!

[321]   "Starksboro Farm"

[321] "Starksboro Farm"

(Starksboro, VT - 2011) The guy who picked us up hitch hiking had a great cabin, farm & wood workshop. He showed us all sorts of neat things he made & made us feel at home. <--- This is one of the EXACT reasons to travel: The universe WILL provide for you & it WILL put loving people in front of you! You must embrace this NOW to ensure it's existence in the future though!

[322]    "Glowing Green Pine Bark"

[322] "Glowing Green Pine Bark"

(Watkinsville, GA - 2012) A guy that picked me up while I was hitch hiking told me that I could come stay out on his farm if I wanted to (getting me out of the rainy weather!) In payment for this, he requested that I take some photos of his land for him. I readily agreed & these photos are from his wooded lands surrounding his cabin & farm.

[323]   "Rainy Day Turkey Tails"

[323] "Rainy Day Turkey Tails"

(Watkinsville, GA - 2012) Turkey Tail Mushrooms & moss growing upon the stump of a fallen tree, moistened by the rains... the beautiful process of breakdown & life created from it. (The home of the guy who let me stay on his land can be seen in the background here.)

[324]   "Moss Foot"

[324] "Moss Foot"

(Watkinsville, GA - 2012) The rainy, overcast clouds really helped to make the greens 'pop' in these photos. Which, since green is my favorite color to use in my photography, worked well for this photo shoot.

[325]    "Moistened Fungus"

[325] "Moistened Fungus"

(Watkinsville, GA - 2012) The damp funk of the moistened forest, thick like a drape of wetness wrapped around the life that sprouted into it, drinking in the life-giving air bound perspiration.

[326]   "Tree Portal"

[326] "Tree Portal"

(Watkinsville, GA - 2012) It has been told to me, that holes such as this are commonly believed to be 'portals' for other worldly beings. (Also, when one tree bends/curls over another tree, creating an arched 'walkway'.) I know not if these tales are true, but belief is the first step, this much I do know.

[327]   "Dew Webber"

[327] "Dew Webber"

(Watkinsville, GA - 2012) This spider's net collects tiny droplets of dew, making it visible in the seemingly naked forest.

[328]   "Held Strong"

[328] "Held Strong"

(Watkinsville, GA - 2012) Strong roots hold tightly onto the small bank of this forest creek. The overcast sky reflects in the waters as the moss creeps further up the outside of the natural bridge.

[329]   "Damned"

[329] "Damned"

(Milledgeville, GA - 2012) Not far from downtown, a dam holds back some of the nearby waters. This photo is named 'damned' because of the unkempt, grimey & slightly disheartening look/feel of the place.

[330]   "A Crossing"

[330] "A Crossing"

(Milledgeville, GA - 2012) Another part of a forgotten place. (My friend Nia is sitting in the background)

Smoky Mountain Surfin'

Smoky Mountain Surfin'

(Smoky Mountains, NC - 2012) Barley & I hangin' out on top of Blue Ridge (in the Smoky Mountains).

Cave dweller Barley

Cave dweller Barley

(Nantahala National Forest, NC - 2012) Re-visiting probably my favorite places in ALL of America... Barley watches out the front of the 'Confederate Caves', named so because during the Civil War, the Confederate army blew out this cavern, allowing them to hide from prying eyes. (This is also where I filmed the opening scene of my comedy/zombie film ... 'Dead Moans, IA'.)

[331]   "Eye in the Sky"

[331] "Eye in the Sky"

(South Carolina - 2012) This is so creepy & Orwellian. The bubble camera oppressively watching the land dwellers as the moon lovingly watches the Earth dwellers. But, even here we can see that Nature is supreme & the true ruler of all.

[332]   "Dead Keys"

[332] "Dead Keys"

(Wilmington, NC - 2012) This fence was covered in hundreds of keys, no reason was explained & their placement seemed random.

[333]   "Smoker's Delight"

[333] "Smoker's Delight"

(Wilmington, NC - 2012) A friend (Lauren), who came up with the idea of this photoshoot & led me to this graffiti playground known in Wilmington as 'the Punk Rock Castle'. I love the way this turned out!

[334]   "Punk Rock Castle Rooftop"

[334] "Punk Rock Castle Rooftop"

(Wilmington, NC - 2012) On top of the 'Punk Rock Castle'. This is the rooftop access hole that the spiral stairs lead up to in photo 333. The bridge in the background is the same bridge in photos 336 & 337.

[335]  "Dizzy"

[335] "Dizzy"

(Wilmington, NC - 2012) The flowing architecture of this place combined with the artistic outlet of graffiti & the dust & grime of years passing ...created a great place for photography.

[336]   "Murky Lurky"

[336] "Murky Lurky"

(Wilmington, NC - 2012) The light & airy sky juxtaposed against the murky & dark waters below... separated by the skeletal system of the bridge.

[337]    "Murky Lurky II"

[337] "Murky Lurky II"

(Wilmington, NC - 2012) (Remember NOT to turn your head when viewing these style photos! If I had wanted you to see it flat with the horizon, I would have framed it that way! Hahaha!)

[338]   "Rusty Shackleford"

[338] "Rusty Shackleford"

(Wilmington, NC - 2012) Anyone that knows the reference is on my team!

[339]   "Sailboat Whispers"

[339] "Sailboat Whispers"

(Wilmington, NC - 2012)

Lookin' fresh as usual

Lookin' fresh as usual

(Wilmington, NC - 2012) Barley in his awesome hoodie (he loves it!)... showing off his new 'gangsta slices' on the side of his head. (Also known as 'steps' = 3 little lines shaved in front of his ears. Barley also likes these! We both have them, so people know we're together! Hahahaha!)

Diggin' to China?!

Diggin' to China?!

(Little Rock, AR - 2012) Barley dug this hole to try to impress a pretty pitbull named Nico! (I think it worked!)

Happy dog!

Happy dog!

(Little Rock, Ar - 2012) I told you Barley loved digging! Look at that face!

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2011: New England Foliage

Maine, White Mountain (NH), Green Mountain (VT), Burlington (VT) 

After 5 years of traveling the countryside, I finally made it up to New England for the spectacular Autumn colors. This was also a great excuse to visit several states that I hadn't yet traveled through... VT, NH & ME.


My plan was to hitch as far north into Maine as I could and 'surf' the changing colors downward as the cold temperatures crept south. Unfortunately, it took me longer than expected to reach Maine & by the time I made it into Portland (Maine) ...all the trees north of Portland had already changed & fallen off... I had missed Maine's peak, but was just in time for New Hampshire & Vermonts colors!

While I was in Portland ...'Occupy Wall St.' started & I spent most my time there helping the Portland chapter organize & start a kitchen. It was there I met my next road dog, Chris.

After helping for a few days there, we hitched out of Maine & were in NH before sunset. We ended up purposely walking a lot of the 1 lane highways that ran through the White Mountains (NH)  & the Green Mountains (VT) ...just to TRULY experience the beautiful countryside firsthand!



Watkinsville (GA), Milledgeville (GA), South Carolina & Wilmington (NC)


After the fall colors were done, I spent most of my time in the New Haven Occupy site (one of the longest running & well put together branches of the Occupy movement... as well as the closest one to the original Wall St. Occupy site.) After many cold, very productive, progressive & enlightening months, I left my new friends & ventured southward, spreading knowledge, tips & good practices to many other Occupy camps on my way.

On my way southward, I passed back through the coastal town of Wilmington (NC), exploring & photographing an abandoned 'Punk Rock Castle'. 


...A few states later, I found myself in a beautiful forest in Watkinsville, GA. Afterwards, I re-visited Milledgeville (GA) find someone or some way into an abanoned mental hospital I had been told about during my 1st visit there (next photo series).

By the beginning of spring, I was back at Nature's Harmony Farms (in Elberton, GA), signing on as the only farmhand hired for the season (no longer as an apprentice.)

          This was a VERY BUSY year indeed!




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