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Chronological & Photo Series


ALL numbered photographs are available for purchase.

(Please specify photo number when placing order.)


For a decade now, I have traveled by ALL means to fuel my favorite artistic outlet
I have hitched hiked, rode freight trains, 'rubber tramped' (rode in a vehicle), taken planes, walked,

rode bikes, taken subways & when absolutely necessary... I have even rode buses. In the past decade,

I have been able to venture through & photograph 43 states & Mexico... so far.


Your support (by purchase) will help continue these travels & help to further fund this artistic outlet!


Traditionally, I sell my photography by handstitching them onto thin cardboard or Matboard.

Photos are available, as are (un-stitched), if requested so beforehand.



4x6 Handstitched Photos - $10 Each


5x7 Handstitched Photos - $15 each



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